Training tailored to your objectives



  • oral and written comprehension, speaking, writing, pronunciation focus
  • presentations training
  • business meeting training
  • sales training
  • introduction to economics, accounting and finance in french
  • exam and test preparation in French : DILF (Diplôme initial de langue française), DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) A1, A2, B1, B2, DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) C1, C2, DELF PRO (Diplôme d'études en langue française option professionnelle), BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)...


Examples of specific sessions by topics:

Learning french sounds and letters and concepts of syllabe, word and sentence; understanding very common words and basic sentences; identifying elements in written documents, reading and writing simple words and short texts; DILF exam preparation. 


Business French

French at work 

Selling in French

for shopkeepers, sellers and employees in the trade sector


French for taxi drivers and « VTC » 

Taxi drivers and VTC must speak correct French in order to communicate with customers and to pass specific and mandatory exams. French exams for taxi consist of a dictation and definition of French expressions. ETEF Formation can help you preparing this part of the exam.


Example of a tuition in professional French in the printing and graphic industry sector, done by ETEF Formation :

The participant was an employee speaking very little French (DILF level) ; he has just been hired and his job was to work on a specific machine.

The objectives were to :

- be able to work with the machine

- understand safety instructions

- understand simple instructions and making requests

- fill up simple forms

- fit well in the team

- prepare DELF A1.

60 hours education in 4 months with 3 hours a week  were enough to achieve the goals.





For foreign job seekers


  • job hunting strategy

  • help draft CV and letters of application

  • job interview training


Integration into the workplace in French



Examples of specific sessions by topics in order to improve your French and start your professional life:


Business French 

- what a company is   

- work in a company: organisation at work, meetings, phone, mails, presentations, meetings outside  

- basics of economics, accountancy and marketing. 


French at work 

- introducing yourself, presenting your job and your goals 

- working with machines and knowing the products 

- knowing about workflows and processes 

- understanding instructions for use and security guidelines  

- communicating inside  

- communicating outside 

- work environment.


Selling in French


for shopkeepers, sellers and employees in the trade sector 

- welcoming the customers 

- the shop 

- the products to sell 

- associated services (delivery, alteration, setup …) if necessary 

- cashing 

- listening to the customers 

- selling technics.